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You can use one of the following payment methods:

  • Bank card upon ordering

    1. Payments are made online once the order is made.

    2. We accept all types of VISA and MasterCard (including Maestro) issued at a bank of any country,including ASB Belarusbank;, as well as  Belcart bank cards.

    How to pay with Belcart bank cards?

    If you choose the bank card payment option, the payments are processed through ASSIST LLC e-payments company, which uses internationally certified online payments computer appliance - Assist Belarus. The payment security system uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which secures customer’s private details on the way to the payment server. It means that nobody can have an access to customer’s private payment details. Moreover, all the international payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard are required to work with 3D-Secure technology.

    How does it all work?

    1. Choose online bank card payment method.

    2. After you press «Submit Process» the system will transfer you to, which provides security payment procedures. The server connects with the customer through TLS protocol in order to receive bank card details and process the payment. This online bank card payment method is absolutely safe and secure

    3. Your bank card details do not appear at our web-site, but at the officially authorized payments system page. Your bank card details are accessed only through security TLS protocol and through secured online payments technologies Verified by  Visa  MasterCard SecureСode.

    We accept all types of VISA and MasterCard (including Maestro) issued at a bank of any country,including ASB Belarusbank;, as well as  Belcart bank cards. We recomend to contact you bank in order to verify if your card can be used internationally and for online payments.

    The payment can be declined in the following cases:

    • insufficient funds;
    • you card is blocked for international and online payments;
    • the session has expired;
    • the details that you entered have not been confirmed at the payment confirmation page or were entered incorrectly.

    In case your payment was declined you can:

    • contact your bank;
    • try again, or use a dfferent card.
  • Bank card upon ordering

    For managers

    We accept VISA and Master Card. VISA ELECTRON cards are accepted only if they contain 3-digit CVV2 or CVC2 code located on the back of the card, inside the signature area.

    Check whether your bank card supports online payments (this information can be provided by your bank) and make sure you have funds available on your bank card to cover the cost of your order.

    There is no minimum payment.

    The amount of a single payment must not exceed 60 000 rubles, Your total daily payments made via a single bank card must not exceed 300 000 rubles.

    If some of the selected items have run out of stock during the Order processing, the invoice amount will be smaller than the Order amount. In this case, the Order amount will be preliminarily blocked and the Invoice amount will be debited later. The difference will be refunded to your bank card account automatically. The refund period depends on the bank that issued the card and usually takes from 1 to 30 business days.

    Online payment security

    When you choose payment by credit card, you will be redirected to a secure banking server, where you will be requested to provide your bank card details (card number, expiration date, the name of the card holder in Latin letters). The collection and processing of your confidential data (payment details, card numbers, registration data, etc.) is made via the bank's processing center offering maximum security.

    Your credit or debit card details must be entered and confirmed within 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes expire, your payment will be cancelled due to the timeout.

  • Sberbank

    «Sberbank» today  is 14  territorial banks and over 16  thousand branches throughout the country in all 83  constituent entities of the Russian Federation located across 11  time zones.

    In Russia alone, Sberbank has more than 110 million customers  – more than half of the country's population. About 11 million people living abroad use the Bank's services.

    The support service works around the clock and funds are credited instantly in real time. Go to the official website of Sberbank» to find your nearest branch.

    How to make a deposit via Sberbank Online?

    We recommend using the free Sberbank Online service to pay for the services of NL International without leaving home.

    1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Type in your browser address bar

    2. Register online to use the service. If you are already registered, enter your existing login and password and confirm via SMS.

    3. Choose the following options in the menu: Payments and transfers > Other > put NL  International > Select your card and enter the required details > Continue.

    4. Check payment details and the total amount > Confirm payment via SMS.

    Alternatively, you can top up your account in a similar way by using the Sberbank Online mobile app.

    Use the Auto Payment option to set up recurring payments from your bank card.

    1. Choose the following options in the menu: Payments and Transfers > My Auto Payments (on the right side of the page) > Activate Auto Payment > Enter the name of the company: NL  International > Find > Click on the name > Select the card and enter card details.

    2. Configure the Auto Payment settings > Activate > Confirm the operation with a password via SMS.

    How to make a deposit via Sberbank self-service devices?

    • When paying in cash select Cash Payments > Search for a service > Enter the name of the company: NL International > Enter the required details > Confirm payment.
    You can also find the service in the directory:

    Cash Payments > Other Categories > Goods, Services, Entertainment > Network Marketing > NL International > Enter the required payment details > Confirm payment.

    • When paying by card select Payments and Transfers> Search for services and companies > Enter the name of the company: NL International > Find > Click on the name > Select the card and enter payment details.
    You can also find the service in the directory:

    Payments and Transfers > Goods and Services > Sports and Leisure > Network Marketing > NL International > enter payment details > Confirm payment.

    How to make a deposit via Sberbank cash counter?

    To pay at the cash desk choose Payment service. When you are invited to the cashier's, name NL International company and  manager's and client's ID.

    Please, save the receipt.

  • With Easy Pay terminal

    In order to make a deposit into your internal account through Easy Pay terminal you need to:

    • select «Other services  – Distribution» category in the general terminal interface,
    • select or enter «NL International» in the search bar,
    • enter your ID number or client’s card number,
    • then follow the directions you see on the screen.

    The minimum payment is 3 grivnas, the maximum is 14999 grivnas.

  • С помощью Системы «Расчет» (ЕРИП)

    • with e-money (iPay, Webmoney, Easypay, belqi);
    • with bank card (online bank, mobile-bank, ATM, interactive terminals, bank cashier's*);
    • In cash (cash-in, bank cashier's*).

    *if you are making a payment at a cashier's in a bank, you should ask the assistant to make it through Raschet payment system (ERIP).

    To make a payment you need:

    1. To select the following:
      +Raschet system(ERIP)
      +online stores/services

    2. Entermanager's ID, card number, account number.

    3. Verify the details.

    4. Make the payment.

    The order of the services of Raschet system can vary, depending on the location of the terminal. To avoid difficulties we recommend to use Payers Unique Number: 192500525.

    Purchase confirmation

    Purchase receipt NL Belintrade, LLC

    Товарный чек OOO «Белинтрейд»

  • iPay – pay with your mobile

    You can make payments via your personal account at

    To enter your personal account, use your phone number and your one-time session password. In order to receive the password, please send any SMS to 5533 (the SMS cost may vary depending on your service provider). After you enter your personal account, you can make payments, choosing payment services. Moreover, you can check your mobie phone balance, check the payment history and print the receipt.

    iPay system commission is 3% for MTS clients, 3,5% for Life clients

    *Except for the numbers, connected to the corporate plan, Svobodniy plan Life; and clients, using pre-paid plans. Note that not the entire balance amount is available for transactions: after the total sum is deducted, there has to be at least 0.10 rubles left for MTS clients and at least 0.50 rubles for life clients.

    Purchase confirmation

    Purchase receipt NL Belintrade, LLC

    Товарный чек OOO «Белинтрейд»

  • Online payment

    Заказ можно оплатить картой Visa или MasterCard. Оплата заказа производится через платежную систему банка “Victoriabank”. После подтверждения заказа вы будете перенаправлены на сервер системы Victoriabank, обеспечивающей безопасность платежей.

  • Bank card upon ordering

    Вы можете оплатить свой заказ онлайн с помощью банковской карты через платежный сервис компании Uniteller. После подтверждения заказа Вы будете перенаправлены на защищенную платежную страницу Uniteller, где необходимо будет ввести данные для оплаты заказа. После успешной оплаты на указанную в форме оплаты электронную почту будет направлен электронный чек с информацией о заказе и данными по произведенной оплате.

    Гарантии безопасности

    Безопасность процессинга Uniteller подтверждена сертификатом стандарта безопасности данных индустрии платежных карт PCI DSS. Надежность сервиса обеспечивается интеллектуальной системой мониторинга мошеннических операций, а также применением 3D Secure - современной технологией безопасности интернет-платежей. Данные Вашей карты вводятся на специальной защищенной платежной странице. Передача информации в процессинговую компанию Uniteller происходит с применением технологии шифрования TLS. Дальнейшая передача информации осуществляется по закрытым банковским каналам, имеющим наивысший уровень надежности.

    Uniteller не передает данные Вашей карты магазину и иным третьим лицам!

    Если Ваша карта поддерживает технологию 3D Secure, для осуществления платежа, Вам необходимо будет пройти дополнительную проверку пользователя в банке-эмитенте (банк, который выпустил Вашу карту). Для этого Вы будете направлены на страницу банка, выдавшего карту. Вид проверки зависит от банка. Как правило, это дополнительный пароль, который отправляется в SMS, карта переменных кодов, либо другие способы.

Оформление покупок в интернет-магазине в вашей стране доступно только для менеджеров NL и участников Client Club

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