Flower Sea Bath Salt

The bath salt with natural lavender, rose and calendula flowers is an aesthetic masterpiece, which will treat you with a magical aroma and give care to your skin, pleasure from complete relaxation and health.

480 g
Made in Russia

29 BYN

The aromatic bath mixture consists of 3 types of salt (sea, Himalayan, English salts), rich in micronutrients. It has a positive effect on a skin state: it helps to get rid of irritation, moisturizes, tones up the skin, reduces puffiness, helps fight cellulite and takes off fatigue. Lavender, rose and calendula flowers create a kaleidoscope of colorful petals in the salt mixture and release their aroma during the process of taking a bath. Your skin gets smoother and softer.

Sodium chloride, sodium chloride (Himalayan pink salt), Lavandula angustifolia flower, calendula officinalis flower, magnesium sulfate, rosa centifolia flower, perfume, limonene, linalool.

Add 100–150 g of salt to the bag and place it in a bathtub with warm water. Soak in a bathtub for 10–15 minutes. We recommend taking a bath 3–4 times a week.

For your convenience, the set includes a special reusable bag made of the finest organza. Add a necessary amount of salt to it, put the bag in a bathtub and enjoy. After taking a bath we recommend rinsing the bag to get rid of remaining dried flowers and dry it up.

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