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Paper Bag, medium-sized

Craft paper bag

A paper bag with flat handles - durable, convenient, and what is most important eco-friendly type of packing with a capacity of 3 kilos. The bag is made of softwood pulp which is biodegradable and doesn't contaminate the environment. This bag can be used as gift packaging due to its stylish design and is suitable for any occasion. Carry care!  

Size: 240х140х280 mm
Made in Russia

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Craft paper bag is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and just as strong and useful. Choosing this paper bag means taking care of the environment. It is made of long-fiber pine cellulose, which completely decomposes without affecting the environment.


  • Those, who take care of nature.
  • Those, who are concerned about the planet's future.
  • Those, who appreciate stylish design.
  • Those, who love craft goods.
  • eco-friendly packaging for those, who care about the environment;
  • as strong as any plastic bag; fits in up to 5 kilos of weight;
  • reusable;
  • recyclable;
  • decomposes within a few months, doesn't affect the environment.


Pine cellulose.

Use for carrying things and as gift wrapping.

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